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SPLASH GUARD ™ | Shoe covers

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    Say Goodbye to Wet and Muddy Shoes!

    Don't let rain and mud ruin your favorite shoes, be prepared for any thunder storm with the Splash Guard ™ shoe covers. Keep your footwear clean in the muddiest conditions, no matter how much it rains.



    100% Waterproof for Ultimate Protection

    Crafted from durable PVC material and finished with a Hydro-pholic coating, these shoe covers guarantee 100% water resistance, ensuring your shoes stay in pristine condition.



    Comfortable and Easy to Fit

    Splash Guard ™ shoe covers effortlessly slide over shoes and zip up for a snug fit. They are also fitted with a grip to ensure no slipping, and a tightening strap above the calf to prevent any water from entering.



    Style meets Utility

    The practical solution that will seamlessly blend into your daily activities.

    ✓ 100% waterproof and dustproof.
    ✓ Foldable for easy storage and traveling. 
    ✓ Gripped rubber sole to avoid slipping. 
    ✓ Great for walking, hiking, cycling, motobike, camping and fishing.


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    SPLASH GUARD ™ |  Shoe covers
    SPLASH GUARD ™ | Shoe covers