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GOLF BUDDY ™ | Swing detection mat

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    Master Your Golf Swing 

    Struggling with your swing consistency?

    Get the instant feedback you need to master your swing path with Golf Buddy ™.

    Analyze your divot and build muscle memory for that perfect swing.



    Save Time and Money 

    Tired of wasting money on range balls without real-time divot feedback?

    With Golf Buddy ™, you can practice in the comfort of your own home or backyard, with or without a ball!

    Plus, setup is a breeze, and you can save your lawn from unwanted divots.



    Why Go Pro with Golf Buddy ™

    If you're serious about your golf game, you need Golf Buddy ™.

    It's ultra-durable, with sequins that won't fly off even after 5000 swings.

    It's versatile, with no velcro needed and a stake for outdoor usage. And it's precise, with a clearer divot than grass, meaning greater improvements on your swing.



    Swing Like You Mean It

    Don't just swing like you're practicing - swing like you mean it.

    With Golf Buddy ™, you can unleash your hardest swing and see instant feedback on your divot.

    If it doesn't live up to your expectations, we'll give you your money back.


    We have a 30-day No-Hassle Return Policy

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    Golf Buddy ™ | Swing detection mat - Novela
    GOLF BUDDY ™ | Swing detection mat